2. Niche Down For What?

One of the big pieces of advice that any business guru will give you is to niche down.

They love to say that shit.

They won’t even know what your niche is but they will tell you to niche down.

This becomes problematic to bloggers for a number of reasons:

  1. They usually have a number of interests
  2. How far do you niche down?

The first problem is just something you’ll have to handle and we will cover that throughout this course.

The second problem is the more ummm, problematic one because there really isn’t an answer.

If I decide that I want to start a personal finance blog and I tell a guru that and they tell me to niche down I can niche down to frugal living.

When they hear that and then they tell me to niche down again I then tell them I’m doing couponing.

When they hear that and tell me to niche down again do I do couponing for single women living in Kansas?

Where do you draw the line?

Before I tell you my philosophy on how you find the line let me tell you about the evolutions of bloggers.

The Evolution of Bloggers

Now, this evolution doesn’t happen to all bloggers but it does happen to a lot.

When a blogger starts off they are usually focused on their niche (parenting, traveling, cooking, whatever). Over time they find they can do pretty well with their blog.

They are getting traffic. They are making money with ads. They are doing some affiliate sales.

They look around and see that some people are making more money than them with blogging so they wonder how they can make more money.

They understand that selling their own products is a good route to take, but they aren’t sure about creating a product in their niche.

So what do they do?

Create a blogging product!

First, the blogging stuff starts off small. It’s just a little side topic on their blog, but then they see that they can make more with the blogging stuff than their normal niche stuff they begin to put more focus on the blogging.

Please note, seriously take note, I’m not saying that teaching blogging is the ultimate big money niche. I think big money can be had in most niches if you do the right things. The bloggers I’m talking about here just think the path is easier doing blogging products because they have a blog themselves.

It gets to the point that their blog is a shell of its former self. Instead of a blog about organization, it’s a how to make money blog that just happens to have some organization content on it.

Is this bad?


People gotta make their paper.

The problem is that it can be confusing for the up and coming bloggers who wonder how they’re going to scale their revenue.

If they happen to think that far.

And that’s really the key behind choosing your niche.

You shouldn’t make a choice unless you understand what your long term goals are.

Let’s explore that in the next lesson.